Trip to mountains

Using the staged photography technique I create my imaginary world where I go beyond the borders of reality, erasing the line between the inside and outside. These two worlds meet in my Trivial stories, simple stories that take place where no one would expect them. I work with spaces, objects and actors who are members of my family. I ́m also trying to show how financial inequality means that, for example, old people don ́t have enough money to travel.
Present-day people mostly live in cities, walled in without any contact with nature. They like to go on trips, watch movies about the countryside, have some plants in the house, grow a little garden in front of their block of flats and so on, but they don ́t have any real contact with nature. My grandparents live a village life, but they live in a small city, where they have a garden and a vineyard to care of, but they have neither money nor the energy for travelling.

© 2012
50 x 50 cm, digital print