Čiľ – ej!

All regions in our country have a typical folk clothing. Čiľejkár mikroregion is situate near left side of river Hron.
Residents, who live in this villages, speak with soft central-slovak dialect. They says “čiľ / čiľej / čiľeky” instead of “now”. Woman clothing was decorated with ribbons, laces, glass beads, pearl beads and spangles. It was separed by opportunity, clothes for everyday wearing, solemn or mourning garbes.
Unmarried girl wore other clothes, they get married under “párta” and married womans wore so-called “rohatý čepiec”.
Garb was clothing for people from village. This clothing and my project is connected with everyday works in the past. Life was hard, however people enjoy life at full blast and they had smile on faces.
Starting point is situated in the ethnographic photography in Slovakia, which adressed Pavol Socháň in the second half of the 19th century.

“Kroje vyzdobili blinkáčmi a reč mäkčeňmi.”
(“ The garb were decorated with blinkáče (spangles) and language with diacritic.”)

© 2013
22 x 31 cm, cyanotype tone with tanine / 100 x 180 cm, cyanotype